kibumeans-300x63Our company seeks to provide our customers with the right building blocks by supplying quality finishing materials from leading Japanese companies. KIBU strives to build solid relationships by providing not only materials but also design and installation services, answering the specific needs of each of our customers.


Founded in 1924, INAX is Japan’s leading tile manufacturer. Its tiles were made famous by its use in the design and construction of Frank Lloyd Wrights’s masterpiece, Imperial Hotel Tokyo. Using only the most uncompromising standards for aesthetics and a rigorous system for quality control, INAX has developed the best tile technology and craftsmanship in the country. The brand now offers an extensive collection of authentic Japanese styles as well as modern and sophisticated designs to cater to every client’s preference and needs.


ECOCARAT Breathing Tile is a revolutionary interior wall surface created from natural Kanuma soil and a secret component called “Allophane”. Beyond conventional tiles, ECOCARAT controls room humidity, reduces foul odors and negates harmful substances from other building materials fostering a healthful and comfortable living space unmatched by other wall surfacing products.


TOSTEM aluminum doors and windows are made to provide key elements such as convenience, safety and security, and design and superior performance. Produced by LIXIL Corporation Japan, TOSTEM aluminum doors and windows adhere to the strictest performance standards and the most stringent quality testing in its word-class factories and laboratory facilities. Coated with a patented technology called Texguard, it is highly resistant to color fading, tough against scratches due its strongly bonded molecular structure, and easily cleaned because of its dense surface structure.


HEVEATECH is the eco-friendly outdoor wood decking made from the highest quality of Laminated Veneer Lumber. Using enhanced impregnation technology, HEVEATECH maintains the beauty of natural wood while achieving superior durability and performance. Our outdoor wood decking is used by the top resort chains in Southeast Asia such as the St. Regis and Four Seasons in Bali to name a few.