Kibu design Concepts' Shworoom in Ortigas

KIBU Vision and Mission

KIBU means “foundation” in Japanese. Our company seeks to provide our customers with right building blocks by supplying quality finishing and construction materials from leading Japanese companies.
KIBU strives to build solid relationships by providing not only materials but also design and installation services, answering the specific needs of each of our customers.
We aim to have our brands be part of every home, office, business establishment, and institution in the country enriching the country’s quality of life.

KIBU Values
The values shared by all employees:

  1. Doing what is right
  2. Being honest and having integrity
  3. Servant-Leadership
  4. Continuous improvement, striving for mastery, the “Kaizen” philosophy

KIBU Design Concepts was formed to address a gap in the market for innovative quality products at good value with a strong focus on leading Japanese brands.
In line with this, KIBU has been awarded the exclusive distributorship of INAX-ECOCARAT. Founded in 1924, INAX is Japan’s leading tile manufacturer. Its expertise and dedication to improving people’s comfort and lifestyles have led its researchers to develop ECOCARAT, a revolutionary natural ceramic tile for interior wall surfaces. Designed for surfaces not subject to becoming wet, INAX succeeded in developing a completely new building material that provides functional and aesthetic features beyond conventional tiles. By controlling room humidity, odors and harmful substances, ECOCARAT fosters healthful and comfortable living at a level unmatched by other wall surfacing products.

INOVAR FLOOR is an award-winning product and is the only laminated flooring used by IKEA in their Southeast Asian stores. INOVAR FLOORS are not only beautiful and versatile, but highly durable and affordable as well. It consists of an anti-abrasive overlay made of aluminum oxide which acts as a deterrent against scruff, scratches and wear. The high-density hardwood material provided by Daiken, Japan’s number one flooring company, makes it the most water-resistant laminate flooring you can find in the market and is superior over other materials in hardness and shock resistance.

NOATEK is an LED lighting brand produced by the Japanese company NOA Enterprises whose products meet the high quality standards of ISO 9001:2000 Certification, Japan Product Safety Certification (PSE) and Japanese Industry Standards (JIS). It is widely used for industrial, commercial and residential projects in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. NOATEK prides itself in using only the highest quality materials and having the highest standards of assembly thus, ensuring its clients products that last and give the best quality lighting.

HEVEATECH is an Eco-friendly outdoor wood decking product made from the recycled “waste” of rubber trees that have been harvested for latex in Southeast Asia. Unlike other outdoor decking materials where only the outer layer is chemically treated, Heveatech undergoes a superior layer by layer treatment called the vacuum impregnation process. This process ensures the production of a solid LVL (laminated veneer lumber) structure that is highly resistant to warping, cracking, cupping, rotting, and termite infestations due to fluctuating temperatures and outdoor weather conditions. Made from 100% real wood, Heveatech is the perfect product for people who love solid wood but do not want to deal its usual weaknesses and shortcomings.

TOSTEM aluminum doors and windows are made to provide key elements such as convenience, safety and security, and design and superior performance. Produced by LIXIL Corporation Japan, Tostem aluminum doors and windows adhere to the strictest performance standards and the most stringent quality testing in its word class factories and laboratory facilities. Coated with a patented technology called Texguard, it is highly resistant to color fading, tough against scratches due its strongly bonded molecular structure, and easily cleaned because of its dense surface structure. Tostem comes in several series catering both to the premium market as well as the value-minded consumers and mid-range to large-scale property developers. Today, Tostem is considered as Japan’s number one aluminum door and window manufacturer in terms of market share and we hope to replicate its success in the Philippine market.

DAIKEN acoustic and healthy ceilings are Eco-friendly products made primarily from recycled materials and volcanic ash. It has unique functions such as humidity control, foul odor reduction, and the absorption and decomposition of the toxic substance formaldehyde. These functions create a healthy environment and living space making it highly suitable not only for homes and offices but clinics and hospitals as well.
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